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Regional Representative

Based in the Hub of the Middle East, Africa and the Near East, Generex Avio Off Share SAL (Beirut-Lebanon and Jebel Ali, Dubai-UAE) are the regional representatives for many world renowned Airports Ground Support Equipment for the Middle East and North Africa Countries and cater to the needs of the International Airports in the region. Bridging between the West and the East, Generex Avio's multifaceted international exposure utilizes its experience and logistics by representing, marketing and service support to several Middle Eastern and African countries.

Reflecting on the expansion projects for International and local airports in the Mena region Generex Avio understand the hurdles and complexity of project managers to source and acquire the latest technology and reliable machineries to be implemented at their airports. In complimenting the service and needs of both the suppliers and the buyers whether Ground support Equipment, Specialized Sweepers, Rubber removal, tow-barless tractors, foreign object damage equipment (FOD sweeping systems), runway friction testing equipment, has developed a new concept of marketing, after sales services and support system.

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