Generex Avio Offshore is the appointed official specialized multi-task airport sweeper representatives for the Mena Region in the field of supplying rubber removal & stand cleaning equipment and detergents.

The Crosswind FSX-SC is a specialized sweeper with rubber removal and stand cleaning option. A special detergent is used in the process.
The Crosswind regenerative air vacuum cleaning unit combines superior performance with a lowmaintenance, simplified design. This multi-purpose vehicle maintains optimum high-speed runway pickup as well as superior pickup at slower speeds necessary for cleaning aprons and even slower for stand cleaning. The Crosswind FSX-SC cleans at up to 24 kph (15 mph) on the runways when speed is essential and at lower speeds elsewhere around the airport. The Crosswind utilizes regenerative air vacuum technology using a dedicated auxiliary engine as a power source for the vacuum system. Regenerative air is an airflow system that reuses the air that carries debris to the hopper rather than venting it to the atmosphere. By recycling the air instead of venting and with proper use of the water nozzles, a minimum of dust is generated. The Crosswind FSX-SC blower moves air through the sweeper to form a continuous loop of air. Air is blown down the pressure hose on the left side of the pickup head, creating turbulence across the pickup head, lifting the debris from the surface. Air and material are then moved to the right side of the pickup head, pulled up the suction hose by the vacuum source, and then spun around in the hopper to separate the debris from the air stream. The air stream is then pulled back into the blower/fan and is forced back down the pressure hose to complete the loop. The Crosswind FSX-SC can be customized with a broad array of options making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications. Powerful cleaning performance, easy to operate, easy to maintain and built to last the Elgin Crosswind FSX-SC.