Our services and products (SAI-21® Detergent Derubberizer) offer a safer more responsible process to previous methods that destroy pavement texture. Snead & Associates provide rubber removal and friction testing services with the latest and most reliable equipment, and we have bonding and insurance levels in accordance with all airport requirements.

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We offer Runway Rubber Removal / derubberizer and Stand Cleaner Detergent.
For major airports with rubber removal requirements, And only a short available down time for maintenance And rehabilitation, it becomes mandatory that airport Management seek a "better way to do it".
The SAI-21 advanced formula derubberizer will pro- vide extended pavement life and safer landing condi- tions over previously used methods such as high pres- sure water, shot blasting and mechanical removal. SAI-21 advanced formula detergent is "the solution for Rubber removal".

Runway Rubber Removal - Benefits

Runway Rehabilitation is a necessity and airport management must seek an environmentally safe way to extend pavement life and create safer landing conditions. Snead & Associates have engineered an environmentally sound runway removal detergent SAI-21® and process that will reduce your down time and pavement reconditioning costs.

Over time hydroblasting deteriorates the surface of runway pavement, and the harsh hydroblasting process can lead to major expenditures on pavement replacement, and additional down time costs. With the patented SAI-21® detergent Snead & Associates unique process will save millions in down time, repair costs, and at the same time decrease airport liability.

Compared against these previously used methods: high pressure water, shot blasting & mechanical removal. ->

Before SAI-21®
rubber removal process

After SAI-21®
rubber removal process


1. Restore pavement friction (Mu values) with no damage to the existing pavement
2. No damage to runway painted markings or centerlines, etc.
3. No damage to joint seals of loss of adhesion to base
4. No damage to crack sealant
5. No damage to in pavement lighting
6. No polishing of pavement aggregates
7. No loss of pavement texture (macro texture of micro texture)
8. Non-hazardous to personnel and environment
9. May be accomplished with airport personnel and equipment
10. Water soluble and biodegradable
11. Complies with FAA standard AC 150/5320-12C